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I’m Justin Bedingfield. I currently serve as a Student Pastor in Huntsville, Alabama at Willowbrook Church. Discipling and mobilizing people for the cause of Christ is a passion of mine. I’ve been blessed to have an opportunity to do so at an amazing church. I’ve been serving in local churches for over 18 years and vocationally for over 10 of those years. My wife, Mandy, has been by my side for nearly 16 years and we have 2 amazing kids. I have blogged in the past over at justinbedingfield.com which is essentially a site I used to just have fun, be inspirational at times and tinker with blogging. You can peruse the ruins of that old site at your leisure, but I felt led to something more helpful and encouraging to those who find their way here.

I have felt a desire to share journal notes, experiences and truths I’ve learned with other Christians in a way that keeps a proper perspective. I feel this need not because I have arrived at having the right mindset, but that the journey toward Kingdom-mindedness is one I’m currently trekking.

This is a devotional site that will be written from a Kingdom perspective. The goal will be to provide thoughts and insight written from a heart that is seated in another world – because ours is broken. I won’t be the only writer. Over many years of serving Christ I’ve befriended and served with some incredible people who I’ll ask to contribute.

This site will be for anyone who needs a good dose of Truth and inspiration. The world’s desires can get us stuck in a mindset that’s obsessed with just making it through the day. Survival if you will. We are meant for more: another country, another home, another world, another Kingdom. I pray you sense that as you read and listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks.

There will be a comment section to post encouragement and testimonies of how God is working in your life. You can get involved by sharing posts on social media and commenting on how God is working in you. It’s amazing to see how God uses our own life’s experiences to encourage and embolden others.

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and follow the posts by entering your email address in the sidebar. You can like us on Facebook or give us a follow on Twitter. We also have an Instagram handle that will have this site’s content in addition to student-written devotionals.

Again, thanks for clicking! Please do so often.

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